World's Greatest Garden Hose Guide

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Save Your Flowers From Rogue Hoses!

The World's Greatest Garden Hose Guide offers you:

-- Solid Galvanized Steel for strength to overpower any unruly hose.

-- Green powdercoating to provide years of service and great looks.

-- Deep reaching spiral anchor to ensure your flowers are never in danger of being mangled!

-- Handy Hose Lock top so you can keep your hose in place

-- As yet unseen "Over The Top" option so you can save money by going over plants instead of buying more hoses to go around them.

Shipping Weight: 2.25 pounds. Purchase yours now on RIGHT HERE


We Currently Offer one version of the World's Greatest Garden Hose Guide. The Over The Top version is presently not available

Thanks to the cutting edge minds and world class developmental laboratory here at SixToes, we were able to bring our WGGH Guide to fruition! Here is the actual production model which will soon be available on 
 NASA, if you're keeping tabs on us (and you should be) let us know if you need any help with any engineering issues. We'd be glad to help.

(Artist's Depiction) This is a freakish PhotoShop Disasters rendition of the "Over The Top" WGGH Guide. Get your hose a full 8 inches off the ground. This will also be made of solid galvanized steel.

The World's Greatest Garden Hose Guide in its natural habitat.