Second Hand Wand Sales

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Welcome to Second Hand Sorcery

If you're in the market for a high quality, solid wood magical wand- then you've come to the right place!

To provide a stress free and safe buying experience, please visit our Esty shop at Second Hand Sorcery. You can browse through all our wands and purchase directly through Etsy using Paypal.

  So whether you're in the market for a Harry Potter Hogwarts House wand (wrapped in house color leather), a Petrified Unicorn Horn, or even a Gnome Steam Punk Wand (powered by radio tubes!) we have what you're looking for.

A little about us:

About our Wands:

 Everything we have is solid wood from properly managed forests in the USA or recycled wood- no Chinese wood whatsoever! All the leather is real leather and metal banding is copper, colored steel wire, or sterling silver. Our Power Crystals are semi-precious stones, and even the Power Tubes are vintage radio tubes. Something for everyone!

Each wand we sell is unique. Even if you order two of the same style wand, in the same colors- they will be different because of variations in wood and leather, and because every wand is hand made.

 All of our wands are shipped with a Certificate of Origin within a Magic-Proof Bag, and a sturdy carrying tube.

PLUS we offer a Warranty that's second to none! We expect people to take our wands out and about to show them off. If within the first six months of ownership (or even a little more if you ask nicely) your wand gets broken, just send us back the wand at your expense (normally about $2.00 postage and we'll repair or replace it and mail it back to you at our expense. (Try sending back a plastic Olivander Wand and see what you get)

 That's how confident we are in the quality of our wands!

Grimbledung Sixtoes and Drimblerod Axebreath- proprietors of Second Hand Sorcery

Example of our work- this is a Basilisk Spine Wand. Yes, they ARE dangerous. Sure we'll sell it to you! No, we won't be held liable for any damages this wand causes!